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Crosson Lake Crayfish
Crayfish collected from Crosson Lake, Ontario, in 1979 by Dr. Harold Harvey, related to his pioneering research into the effect of acid rain on the environment.

This collection consists of objects of mixed provenance and use, united by their source: the former Zoology department at the Ramsay Wright Zoological Laboratories (the Cell and Systems Biology Department now occupies the space). The majority of the objects date from the 1940s-1990s, with some earlier outliers, such as an early 20th century microtome. The majority of the objects were collected from the Ramsay Wright building in 2015-2016, as it began to undergo refurbishment. A few items related to the ecological research of Dr. Harold Harvey–including a jar of preserved crayfish from Crosson Lake, Ontario (read more about this)–were collected separately in late 2016.

A proportion of the objects represent teaching media from the department linked for the most part with the television production and film transmission studio that operated at Ramsay Wright from the 1960s to 1970s, this includes cameras, film viewing equipment, and commercially-made films. Films made at U of T were collected alongside these materials, but soon transferred to the U of T Archives.

Contact: Erich Weidenhammer, Curator, UTSIC. (