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Cathode Ray Tube With Coral
This cathode ray tube (, likely purchased in the 1890s, is a demonstration instrument showing the fluorescence of coral.

The physics collection is currently the largest constituent of UTSIC’s direct holdings. Dating from the 1870s through to the present day, the collection is largely comprised of apparatus used in laboratory teaching in the Department of Physics. The majority of the objects, broadly speaking, date from 1870 through 1930, with a preponderance of objects clustered between 1906 and 1925, when the Department experienced a rapid growth in undergraduate instruction. In addition, there are a small number of objects related to research in the Department, including items related to J. C. McLennan’s spectroscopic and low-temperature work, and more recent items collected directly from decommissioned labs, such as the Accelerated Mass Spectrometer project, IsoTrace and U of T’s geophysics research laboratories.

This collection includes a large number of acoustical instruments made 1878-1901 by Parisian instrument maker Rudolph Koenig, which forms a sub-collection among the physics objects.

More physics instruments, including those made by Department of Physics mechanician from 1890-1906 J.S. Plaskett, later a noted astronomer, can be found in the University College collection.

Contact: Erich Weidenhammer, Curator, UTSIC (