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Unidentified · Physics

A very large round-faced voltmeter is set in a wooden stand. The face has an arc shaped window behind which is visible a scale labelled in tens from 40 to 150. The scale is labelled “VOLTS A.C.”. An indicator needle with an arrow point extends from the base of the arc.

The face is mounted in a square piece of wood that stands upright on a wooden base. The voltmeter is cylindrical and mounted in a circular hole cut in this plank, with its rear sticking out the back. Two large electrical terminals protrude from the back of the meter.

A paper label is taped on the top of the vertical piece of wood. A post-it note is taped to the base.

Accession Number:

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials:

Wood, Metal: Iron Alloy, Metal: Copper Alloy, Glass


Old inventory number written on a post-it note affixed to the base of the stand = phy1028B.

The top of the metal faceplate is labelled “WESTON”. Under the dial and needle is a manufacturer’s label reading: “WESTON ELEC’L INST CO. NEWWARK N.J., U.S.A.”, “PATENTED”, “MODEL 261 No. 813”. A list of patent dates is included here.

Underneath this plate in large raised lettering: “WESTERN ELECTRICAL INSTRUMENT Co.” and “NEWARK, N.J., U.S.A.”.

On the rear of the meter in white paint: “150 VOLTS A.C.”

Dimensions (cm): Height = 30, Width = 21, Length = 27.5

Function: Used to measure electrical voltage.


Very Good: The front of the meter has white marks around the edges and across the black surface. There are black marks on the copper surround of the face. The scale and needle appear to be in excellent condition. The base is varnished, but the varnish has worn off along the edges and corners, especially the front edge on the right side. There is a large split in the wood of the base running from just behind the join of the two wooden pieces; this runs almost half way across the rear of the base.

The rear of the meter is painted black. The paint is scratched in places and the metal somewhat rusted underneath. The electrical terminals are similarly rusted where the black paint has come off.

Associated Instruments:


Weston Electrical Instrument Co., Newark, New Jersey, USA.

Date of Manufacture: 1901-1930


Department of Physics, University of Toronto

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