Unknown glass tube in case

Physics · Unidentified

Accession Number: 2016.ph.732


This object consists of a narrow, closed glass tube contained in a apparently purpose-made long black case.

The case has a black exterior and two latches, one of which is broken. Inside, the base and lid is lined with black velvet-like fabric that forms a purpose-made slot.

In the slot there is a long glass tube. The tube is rounded at one end and at the other it is more pointed. Inside the tube, adhered to the sides, is a small amount of grey, powdery material.

Primary Materials: Wood, Cardboard, Plastic, Glass

Markings: None.

Dimensions (cm):

Case: Length=27.5, Width=3.2, Height=2.6cm Tube: Length=23.5 Diameter=0.7


Good. The glass tube appears to contain only a very small amount of dry residue.


This object was discovered in 2016 among UTSIC’s collection in a box filled with items related to John Satterly, along with another object (2016.ph.733) that was labelled with Professor John McLennan’s name. It is perhaps an item John Satterly kept to commemorate McLennan, or an item related to Satterly himself.