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Unknown glass tube in case

Unidentified · Physics

This object consists of a narrow, closed glass tube contained in a apparently purpose-made long black case.

The case has a black exterior and two latches, one of which is broken. Inside, the base and lid is lined with black velvet-like fabric that forms a purpose-made slot.

In the slot there is a long glass tube. The tube is rounded at one end and at the other it is more pointed. Inside the tube, adhered to the sides, is a small amount of grey, powdery material.

Accession Number:

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: Wood, Cardboard, Plastic, Glass

Markings: None.

Dimensions (cm):

Case: Length=27.5, Width=3.2, Height=2.6cm Tube: Length=23.5 Diameter=0.7



Good. The glass tube appears to contain only a very small amount of dry residue.

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Date of Manufacture:


This object was discovered in 2016 among UTSIC’s collection in a box filled with items related to John Satterly, along with another object ( that was labelled with Professor John McLennan’s name. It is perhaps an item John Satterly kept to commemorate McLennan, or an item related to Satterly himself.

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