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Unidentified · Physics

A metal box with a brown painted surface that has metal plate, also brown, on top that can tilt. On one side of the metal box there are three adjustable knobs. On the side adjacent to the side with the knobs a metal tube protrudes perpendicularly outwards. This is open at one end, but can be closed by moving a rod which closes an iris cover. On the opposite side to the tube, there is an electrical cord covered by woven insulation. This is approximately 181cm long and has a male outlet plug on the other end.

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Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: Metal: Iron Alloy, Plastic


Dimensions (cm):

Height = 12.5cm, Length = 23.5cm, Width = 15cm



Very Good: The surface of the instrument is in excellent condition. The

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Date of Manufacture:


Department of Physics, University of Toronto

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