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Unidentified · Physics

Two brass cylinders are connected via a long, narrow grey metal tube. The ‘lower’ cylinder is much wider, while the top cylinder is narrower. The lower cylinder has a circular flange above it, and emerging from this are two wires, one bent over, and two small threaded rods, each 1 cm in length. 2 cm up the long grey tube is a circular opening. Nothing is visible inside. The top brass cylinder is held to the grey rod with two tiny screws, but there are a further 3 empty screw holes. A label on the lower brass tube has pen writing on it, but the writing is very faded: “Pieces from Devaraje’s(sp?) Apparatus”.

Accession Number:

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials:

Metal: Copper Alloy, Metal: Iron Alloy (?)


Faded handwriting on a label on the lower brass tube reads “Pieces from Devaraje’s(sp?) Apparatus”.

Dimensions (cm): Length = 34 cm, Diameter = 8 cm

Function: Unknown


Very Good: The object is likely only a portion of a large piece of apparatus. There is some oxidization or corrosion on the top of the broader end of the instrument. In places, the metal is discoloured.

Associated Instruments:

Manufacturer: Locally made?

Date of Manufacture: Early-Mid 20th Century


This artifact was part of a collection of electrical instruments (mostly brass electrometers and ballistic galvanometers) gathered by University of Toronto Professor of Physics Martin J.G. Lee (d. 2009). The collection was likely acquired from Dr. Lee’s office c. 2010 or 2011.

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