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Glass Slides for Multiple Image Projector

Unidentified · Physics

Glass slides for the Multiple Image Projector (, contained inside a wooden box. The box has a hinged lid with two rotating hook latches to hold it closed. Inside the case, there are 15 glass slides which are approximately 12.5cm x 10cm in dimension. Each slide is stored vertically between two wooden notch cutouts in the side of the box; these are numbered along the edge. Tucked into the interior of the lid of the box there is a piece of cardboard which describes the content of each slide.

Each slide is rectangular and is opaque due to a layer of paint or paper, except for seven transparent sections, all organized in the same shape with six sections arranged in a rough circle, with the seventh section in the centre. On Each separate slide, the transparent sections are different shapes or designs, but within each slide the transparent sections are the same or similar. Each slide has a sticker in the corner to number it, and another to label it or provide use information.

Accession Number:

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: Wood, Metal: Copper Alloy, Glass, Paper


On the label inside the lid of the box: “LENSES AS VIEWED FROM THE FRONT” “CODED BELOW AS SEEN ON THE SCREEN” “Red spot Upper Right toward LAMP” “MANOEUVER SLide holder up-down & SIDE TO SIDE to get registration on screen at 95.5″ to brass plate”

There are additional notes in pencil on the label.

Dimensions (cm):

Height = 12.5cm, Length = 39cm, Width = 14cm


These slides are for use with the apparent Multiple Image Projector ( Its precise purpose is unknown.


Very Good: The box is in good condition, with a few small chips in the varnished surface, particularly around the edge rim of the top of the box. The hinges and latch are intact. The slides are in good condition with no significant chips althouhg there are very minor chips on some of the corners. In places the black paper covering is torn. One slide is missing.

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Manufacturer: Locally made?/Adam Hilger Ltd.?

Date of Manufacture: 1910-1948


University of Toronto Department of Physics

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