Wright Peak Flow Meter

IHPST · Stan Epstein Collection

Accession Number: 2019.ihpst.100


A black box with a leather carrying strap and a silver-coloured buckle contains a circular white and black instrument.

The instrument has a circular, glass-covered dial covering its top surface. The dial, marked in black lettering measured “peak expiratory flow rate” in litres per minute. A tubular opening protrudes from the left side of the instrument. A black-coloured element covers part of the left/ bottom quadrant of the instrument’s side. There are a series of concentric perforations at the bottom of the instrument.

The box includes a compartment that contains a teal-coloured plastic mouthpiece.

Primary Materials: Metal.


Embossed on the bottom surface: “W7249”

Scratched onto the bottom surface is the following information: “Pulmonary Function Lab TWH.”

Dimensions (cm):

(Box) Height = 10, Width = 21, Length = 10. (Instrument) Max Diameter: 18.5, Height = 6.


A peak flow meter measures a person’s maximum speed of expiration in order to detect and to diagnose respiratory illness.


Very good. There are some light abrasions on the bottom surface of the instrument. The case is slightly worn.

Manufacturer: AIRMED limited, Harlow England

Date of Manufacture: Early 20th century.


This instrument was used in the office of Dr. Stan Epstein. It was acquired along with a collection of medical artifacts from his home on April 5th, 2019.

  • Donated to UTSIC