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Wooden Puzzle

Unidentified · Coxeter · Mathematics

A rectangular wooden board is divided lengthwise into three sections painted red, blue, and white respectively. Protruding from the centre each section is a dowel painted the same colour as its section. Around each down is a stack of five rings of diminishing diameter. The face of each ring is painted the same colour as its section. (The red section appears to be missing the second smallest of its rings.)

Accession Number: 2016.mat.74

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: Wood, Fibreboard


A typewritten label on the bottom of the model reads as follows:

“To Prof. H. S. M. Coxeter
Department of Mathematics of New Mexico with the co-operation of Department of Industrial Arts.

Puzzle – The three towers are to be shifted to the pegs of matching colour. The discs are shifted one at a time and no disc may rest on a smaller, they it may rest on one of the same size.”

Dimensions (cm): Length = 25, Width = 11, Height = 8

Function: Gift, Puzzle.


Excellent: It is unclear whether a piece (ring) is missing, or whether the puzzle is in the correct configuration to be used.

Associated Instruments:


Department of Industrial Arts of the University of New Mexico

Date of Manufacture: Unknown


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