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Wing Section Demonstration Model


This object is a piece of teaching apparatus for investigating air pressure over different locations of the surface of a wing model. It consists of two main sections connected by a number of plastic tubes, some of which are missing. The main section (21.1) is a manometer. It consists of a wooden stand holding two glass shapes. One glass piece is a vertically-supported tube with an orange rubber stopper in the top. Poking through the rubber stopper there is a small u-shaped tube open to the air.

This glass tube was once connected via a rubber pipe (now broken) to a second glass shape made up of a horizontal tube with eight long vertical glass pipes (one of which is now broken off at the base). Rubber and plastic pipes are attached to the top of some of these glass pipes.

Each of the rubber pipes connects to metal connectors coming out from the side of a metal model wing section (21.2) connected to a metal rod stand attachment. The wing model is perforated with seven small round holes in a regularly spaced line, four on the top of the wing, three on the underside.

Accession Number: 2016.zoo.21.1-2

Alternative Name:

Aerofoil or Wing Section Demonstration Model

Primary Materials: Wood, Rubber, Plastic, Glass, Metal


On the front of the stand, a small silver sticker: “PHILIP HARRIS LTD

On the flat base of the stand, on an embossed sticker: “ZOO . 220”. Another similar sticker reads, “RM. 136”.

Dimensions (cm):

2016.zoo.21.1: L=26cm x W=10.2cm x H=22.5cm; 2016.zoo.21.2 = 28cm x 13 x 6


This is an apparatus designed to investigate variations in air pressure over the surface of a wing at seven points. The air pressure differences are visualized as changes in height of liquid within the seven attached manometer tubes.


Fair. The wooden structure of the stand is intact. However, one of the glass tubes on the manometer has broken off. Many of the rubber tubes are degraded and have broken.

Associated Instruments:

2016.zoo.22, 2016.zoo.24.1-2, 2016.zoo.25.1-2, 2016.zoo.26.1-32, 2016.zoo.27, 2016.zoo.28.1-2, 2016.zoo.30

Manufacturer: Philip Harris Ltd.

Date of Manufacture:


This object was collected from the former Zoology department and appears to have been used as part of a Zoology course numbered ZOO220.

Additional Information and References:

This object forms part of a set of similar and related objects, some of which are locally made copies of this one.

The object was collected with a set of instructions for use, as provided to students working with the apparatus. These instructions are kept in the object’s file.

Historical Notes: