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Koenig Acoustical · Physics

This piece consists of a rectangular wooden box set on a cast iron base. In the top surface of the box are two sockets in which organ pipes may be fixed. On the front of the box are two knobs, each of which can be pulled out to open the aperture in the sockets and control the flow of pressurized air. Three brass spouts protrude from the back: two are located at the centre of the box, and a smaller one with a valve is located in the upper left corner. There is a small hole in the upper right corner as well, suggesting that there may have been a corresponding spout with a valve there.

Accession Number:

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: Wood, iron, brass


On the top surface: “RUDOLPH KOENIG A PARIS”. On the bottom surface: “215”.

Dimensions (cm): Height=14.5, Width=28, Length=17.5


This piece was intended to provide different amounts of pressurized air to instruments whose operation relies on airflow to produce certain sounds.


Good. One of the brass spouts with a valve is missing. The socket that accommodates the base of a pipe is cracked and loose. The brass is slightly tarnished and the paint on the iron base is chipped. The base of the wooden box is slightly cracked.

Associated Instruments:,

Manufacturer: Rudolph Koenig

Date of Manufacture: Late nineteenth century


University of Toronto Physics Department

Additional Information and References:

This object has the same identifying number as a set of manometric pipes ( “215”. It was likely purchased as a set alongside these pipes.

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