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A large black square base topped by an arc-shaped scale behind a glass window. The bottom of the top face has a glass bubble through which the needle mechanism is visible. The scale runs from 0-300 left to right and is labeled in tens. Under the scale is printed “WESTON’S DIRECT READING VOLT-METER”. On the left of the base, beside the scale, are two terminals, both small with threaded caps; to the right are two more terminals, on larger, one smaller, both with threaded caps. On the front face of the base is engraved “636”. The lower base is made of wood. The unit is predominantly black.

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Primary Materials:

Metal: Iron Alloy, Metal: Copper Alloy, Glass, Wood, Bakelite


Printed directly below the scale: “WESTON’S DIRECT READING VOLT-METER”

Dimensions (cm): Height = 10, Width = 15, Length = 17

Function: Measuring voltage


Very Good: The exterior of the instrument is in good condition. The metal case has been painted; where the paint has chipped off, particularly on the rim of the case and where the top of the case is fixed to the base, the metal has rusted. The scale and interior mechanism of the voltmeter, visible through the glass windows, are in good condition. The wooden base of the instruments is scratched and marked, especially on one side where there are dark marks. On one corner there is a red smudge, perhaps from wax. The Bakelite knobs on the instrument are discoloured and worn.

Associated Instruments:

Manufacturer: Weston Electrical Instrument Company

Date of Manufacture: 1893-1937

Provenance: Dr. Martin Lee’s Collection

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