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Unidentified · Psychology

Instrument consists of hinged wooden box shut with a clasp. Inside the box affixed to the top leaf is a wooden spool of thread connected to a small light bulb that is set on a porcelain base. A green cord runs from this bulb to the bottom leaf of the box. A wooden stylus with a metal tip is also attached to to the base with green cord and is held in place with a metal clamp. On the centre of the base is a white button on a wooden base. A thin strip of copper is fixed to the base in an arc to touch a square metal plate screwed to the base. Also on this base are numerous screws and nuts marked with different colours. Two square metal rods make up a lever affixed to the base that can be moved up or down.

Accession Number: 2013.psy.145

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: Wood, metal, porcelain, cord


The numbers 1 through 5 are stamped on one of the sides of the box. On a piece of masking tape on the front: “Junk?”

Dimensions (cm): Height = 7, Width = 21.1, Length = 25

Function: Unknown


Moderate: One of the hinges is broken off from the wood completely, and the second has lost a screw. The wood on the outside is splintered, and on the inside the various metal pieces are bent and tarnished.

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Department of Psychology, University of Toronto

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