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Fission event detector for breeder reactors


Item is a wooden box sitting on four rotating feet. The top has an inset velvet box and a brass door which opens to reveal an electronic component (plug). The plug has ‘Amphenol’ written on it. The front of the box consists of a brass plate that has a vertical line of ten glass lightbulbs, a seven-by-seven array of bulbs and a brass switch.

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Primary Materials: Wood, Brass, Glass, Velvet


There is a decal on an atom interlaced with an anchor on top at the bakc left. The vertical line of lights is labelled 1-10. At the bottom of the brass plate are the labels ‘BREEDING INDEX’, ‘FISSIONS EVENTS’, and ‘SPECTRUM’. Switch has ‘THERMAL’ and ‘FAST’ options.

Dimensions (cm):

Height = 14.5 cm; Width = 15 cm; Depth = 11 cm


Used for detecting fission events in breeder reactors. The detector can be set to detect fission events from either “thermal” or “fast” (high energy) fission breeder reactions.


Box is solid with cracks opening up between the top and the sides and the top right front and back corners. The wood and laminate is chipped on all sides. The feet swivel. The decal on the top has cracked varnish.

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University of Toronto Physics Department

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