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Series of rotating mirrors


The base of instrument is a shallow metal tripod that is painted black. Above the base is an upright pole made of brass, and it is in two parts, with the top part fitting inside the bottom section, so that it can be raised and lowered by loosening and tightening a brass screw. On top of the stem is a brass plate that sits below a longer brass plate which is covered in a dark protective coating. On top of this plate are 14 tall, narrow mirrors mounted on coated brass clamps that can be swivelled side-to-side on brass screws by the use of a long, cylindrical brass lever. The levers point to the front and back, alternating every mirror, with the leftmost lever pointing to the back. The backs of the mirrors are black, except for the seventh from the left (when looking from behind), which has a copper-coloured backing. Some of the mirrors retain the paper placed between the glass and the metal of the clamp to prevent scratching

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Primary Materials:

Base: Metal. Pole: Brass. Apparatus: Mirrors, Brass.

Markings: Old Catalogue Number: PHY 164

Dimensions (cm): Height = 40; Width = 18.5; Depth = 16



The instrument is solid and in stable condition. The paint on the base is chipped to reveal the metal underneath, and the brass pole is abraded vertically all around its circumference. The mirrors have minor chips along their edges and the silvered backing is tarnished on the sides exposed to air, but otherwise the mirrors are in working condition.

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University of Toronto Physics Department

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