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Unidentified · Psychology

A wooden base (28.9cm x 19.2cm) with a wooden box attached (12.9cm x 19.2cm; Height =33.5 cm).
A wooden drawer can be removed from the small side of the box (Length = 18cm, Width = 10cm, Height = 22.9cm at tallest point). The drawer has a round wooden knob attached to the front. At the top of the drawer a flat metal piece with a flat wooden handle is inserted and can be pulled in and out to reveal a rectangular hole cut in the top of the drawer. The interior of drawer is painted black and contains only a bent piece of metal attached to both sides of the interior walls and dipping down to the bottom.
The larger box (opposite side to the drawer) has a rounded rectangular space cut out to reveal a screen (glass?). On the side a metal knob can be turned to reveal and hide a scale (black numbers, white background) with 0 in the centre and the numbers 10 and 20 marked on either side. Notches indicating a scale run along the bottom representing 1-30. The top of the larger box is open to reveal a black space trimmed in green felt with a metal textured cylinder attached inside. The cylinder can be turned via the attached brass cog on exterior. There are two cogs: one parallel to the box, one vertical to box with striations along post that connect the two cogs. Below this, attached to the base, beside the box, is a black metal and plastic motor from which a metal rounded disk protrudes which has a ridge that would presumably have had a cord attaching to the top cog to turn the cogs via the motor. Copper filaments can be seen inside the motor through holes on either side of casing. The wooden base of the apparatus has two metal terminals beside the motor.

Accession Number: 2011.psy.3

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: Wood, Brass, Felt, Glass, Plastic?


The apparatus has two company plaques, one on the wooden box and one on the motor. The motor has a company plaque attached: “Bodine Electric Co. Chicago U.S.A. No. 68887 Type C3 Volts 110DC Amps; blank Speed; blank Cycles; blank”. The Bodine logo is engraved on the plaque and on the side of the motor. Another company plaque is attached to the exterior of the larger wooden box: The Cambridge and Paul Instrument Co. Ltd. London & Cambridge C45711″.

Dimensions (cm):

Base: Height = 35.5, Width = 22, Length = 28.9; Wooden Box: Height = 33.5, Width = 19.2, Length = 12.9



Good. A piece of yellowing masking tape is attached to one side of the wooden box. The wooden box has some scratches along the exterior, as does the drawer.

Associated Instruments:


The Cambridge and Paul Instrument Co. Ltd., London & Cambridge; Bodine Electric Co., Chicago.

Date of Manufacture:


Department of Psychology, University of Toronto.

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