Multiple Image Projector


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A wooden box which rests on two long runners. At one end of the box is a large board with a vertical slot in the end. The other end of the box has a smaller slot with a metal gate that can be slid from side to side to make the slot thinner or thicker. The gate has engraved markings denoting the thickness of the slot, but without any units. The inside of the lid nearest the vertical slot has a ridged surface; the inside of the box has a sloped bottom.

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Primary Materials: Wood, Metal


On the top of the box, on an inlaid label: “Penrose & Co. London Paris & Sydney”

Dimensions (cm):

Length = 43 cm, Height = 15 cm, Width = 25 cm


Possibly for the simultaneous projection of glass slides.


Good. The object’s surface has a few small markings and scratches from use. Some pieces appear to be missing. On the underside, the wood of one of the runners has split along the line of screws.

The aperture at one end of the projector seems to have been crudely altered or enlarged.

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Penrose & Co.; London, Paris, and Sydney

Date of Manufacture: c. 1900


University of Toronto Department of Physics

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