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Photographic Plate Adjuster and Plate Holder


This is a wooden case with metallic tracks on both sides, with a knob on one side. Turning the knob moves a rectangular plate that is inserted into the track to either side. The bottom of the track has a long slot cut into it. The track contains a wooden camera slide. The top of the slide has a lid which is secured by two turning stops. The inside of the lid has a metal prong. The plate also has a tray that slides out of the end. The track has a scale on the side with the knob reading from 0-100mm. An arrow on the plate points at the scale.

On the other side of the object there is a rectangular aperture. Pulling up on the bracket at the back of the slide would allow light to enter the aperture and reach the plate.

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Primary Materials: Metal, Wood


Along one side of the adjuster is a scale marked in increments of ten millimeters.

On the other side, scraped into the wood: “No. 2”

On the back of the holder, scraped into the black aperture surround: “15”

Dimensions (cm): 18cm x 17cm x 2cm


This is a screw-and-rack adjusted holder for a wet-plate photographic slide, designed to hold a glass photographic plate. The screw adjustment enables a plate (held inside the slide) to be adjusted a set amount between exposures.


Good. The object shows significant signs of use. There are slight scratches where the slide has moved up and down, and evidence of photographic ink splotches. The surfacing of the metal pieces is worn and slightly corroded in places. Around the hinge there is some white powdery material.

On the back surface there are multiple small holes, as if for screws.

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Date of Manufacture: c. 1890-1900


University of Toronto Department of Physics

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