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Ultraviolet Lamp Tube

Physics This is a narrow tube of glass with black rubber or plastic caps on either end; these are lined with what appears to be cork. At one end of the glass there is a small manufacturer’s label affixed to the exterior of the glass. This rod possibly contains mercury gas. This is a small yellow tag with a cotton string attachment, and likely is the tube’s original tag.

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Primary Materials: Glass, Rubber, Gas (Mercury)

Markings: One black cap is labelled in white letters “MADE IN USA, AMGLO, CHICAGO”
Underneath this, on the glass itself, is a label reading “CENTRAL SCIENTIFIC CO., SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS, LABORATORY APPARATUS, CENCO, CHICAGO, USA, NEW YORK, BOSTON, TORONTO, LOS ANGELES” The tag reads: “Central Scientific Co., Chicago, CAT. NO. 71370, LOT NO. 9-1584G0, SER. NO., INSPECTOR, F, E”; On the back of the tag, handwritten: “I[???????] Lamp (Ultraviolet)”

Dimensions (cm): Length = 25.5, Diameter = 1.5


Ultraviolet lamp, for emitting ultraviolet radiation.


Very Good: the glass, and rubber/plastic and cork ends of this tube are in very good condition. The yellow label is bent through the middle and tattered around the edges, but in very good condition as well.

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Central Scientific Co. and AMGLO, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Date of Manufacture: After 1909


Department of Physics, University of Toronto

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