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Tuning Forks (Max Kohl)


A set of thirteen tuning forks, with only eleven present (all from the smallest fork). The lowest note in the set is C’ (517.305 v.s.), the highest note in the set is C (258.652 v.s.). The bottom of each fork has a small brass spherical nub. On the inside is written in pen are written the values of the tuning forks in modern musical nomenclature from C’ to C, as well as their frequencies given to thousandth of a Hertz.

Accession Number:

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: Steel, Wood, Felt


Label on the top of the box = “Max Kohl, Chemnitz I/S”. The label inside the lid reads “Internationale Stimmung”, “ut 3 – 517,304 v.s.”, “la 3 – 870 v.s.”, “c 1 – 258,652 Schwingungen”, “a 1 – 435 Schwingungen”.

Dimensions (cm):

Box: height = 5.5, width = 22.5, length = 26


For acoustic experiments and demonstrations.


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Manufacturer: Max Kohl Chemnitz I/S

Date of Manufacture: Early 20th C.


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