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Thermometer reading apparatus


This device consists of two microscope holders (in which one microscope remains) clamped to a flat metal track above a ridged groove. There is a circular dial with a scale labelled in increments of ten, which can be adjusted with a knob, affixed near the eyepiece of the microscope. A brass knob at one end of the track fixes the track in place. There is a second clamp without a microscope on the track. Two metal supports hold the track over a flat metal base. On this base is a clamp, which can be adjusted by a brass knob and which holds a grooved slat of wood.

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Primary Materials: Wood, metal, glass


On the circular scale: 0-90 in increments of 10. On the metal base: “SOCIETE GENEVOISE, pour la construction d’instruments de physique, GENEVE”

Dimensions (cm): Height = 27, Length = 72, Width = 19


This device is intended to be used for the calibration, testing, and close reading of thermometers. Thermometers are to be placed inside the wooden groove and two microscopes are to be used for close theromometric readings.


Good, with the exception that one microscope is missing. Some minor tarnishing on the brass and chips in the paint.

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Manufacturer: Societe Genevoise

Date of Manufacture: Late nineteenth century


University of Toronto Physics Department

Additional Information and References:

A similar instrument can be found in the 1927 Max Kohl catalogue, Vol II, p. 251.

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  • Donated to UTSIC