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This transformer is a heavy metal block that has protruding blocks on the front and back faces. The central body is a striated metal covered in black paint. The protrusions on the front and back are attached with screws, and have a textured black surface. The back protrusion has a metal plate with a plaque giving the manufacturer’s information, and the front protrusion has a wooden plate with five nuts and bolts for the electronic connections.

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Primary Materials: Body: Steel, Metal; Front plate: Wood


Plaque on back plate: ‘HAMMOND’; ‘TYPE: 24029’; ‘PRIMARY’: ‘115 VOLTS’, ’25 CYCLES’, ‘192 V.A.’; ‘CSA APPROVAL NO. 3902′; HAMMOND MFG. CO. LTD’; ‘GUELPH-CANADA’
Above back plate: ‘HAMMOND’; Below back plate: ‘J’
Front plate: ‘24029’; ‘0’, ‘110’, 115′; ‘8V’, ’25A’; ‘192VA’, ’25CY’
Above front plate: ‘HAMMOND’; Below front plate: ‘J’

Dimensions (cm): Height = 12; Width = 10; Depth = 19.5


A transformer reduces high voltages to lower voltages suitable for use.


The black paint on the striated metal body is chipped and abraded, showing rusted metal underneath, on all sides. The textured black coating on the front protrusion is abraded on the front left corner, where silver-coloured metal is visible through the coating. The black coating on the back plate is chipped in two places, one on either side of the plaque, showing silver metal, and the wooden plate on the front is chipped on all sides. The screws and nuts and bolts holding the metal components together are tarnished.

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Hammond Manufacturing Ltd., Guelph, Canada

Date of Manufacture: Mid 20th century

Provenance: Department of Physics

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