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Titrimiter (Fisher Scientific)


The Titrimiter consists of two components that attach through plugs: a control interface and the titrimiter.

The first component is a silver metal colour, with two front facing base legs with an upright section rounded at the top and containing the cylindrical pH measurement device. A rod for the stand is on right side. The measurement device consists of a probe to be inserted into the solution. The device contains a metallic end culminating in a wire surrounded by a clear solution, inside a glass cover. On the left end of the stand is a metal disc encased in glass, surrounded by plastic. This is possibly a light. The back is open and power cords and electrical components are exposed. Three plugs are attached, all of which fit into three sockets in the control interface.

The control interface consists of a metal box with two dials and a knob: one large dial in the centre to adjust volts (pH), one small dial on bottom-left, and one knob on bottom-right. There are slots on both sides of the interface that act as handles. On the back there are three sockets with different pins, each of which correspond to the plugs from the Titrimiter unit. There is a single red knob on the back between the plugs. The interface itself contains a power cord.

Accession Number: 1-2

Alternative Name: Fisher Titrimeter

Primary Materials:

silver-painted metal, electronics, rubber, glass, clear solution


On the titrimiter: “Fisher Titrimiter. Made in U.S.A. Fisher Scientific”. On the back of the metal stand “2399-A” and “2-4-56” are imprinted. On measurement cylinder “GOOD” is handwritten.

On the control interface: “FISHER TITRIMETER” written in large letters in the centre. The large central dial controls a scale that runs from – to 1.0. On the top of the scale is written “VOLTS”, on the bottom is written “pH”.

“POL.”, “CAL.”, and “USE” labelled on top of the bottom-left dial. “EYE CONTROL” and “OFF” inscribed near the bottom-right knob. “GND” written on top of the red stub between plugs on the back.

On the bottom left corner of the back: “FISHER SCIENTIFIC CO. MADE IN U.S.A. 115 VOLTS 60 OY SER. NO. B105”. On top of the sockets there is a sticker labelled “FISHER SCIENTIFIC; DATE July 29, 1969; CAT. NO.; TYPE or MODEL 9-311A; SERIAL NO., and INSPECTED BY Barker.”

Dimensions (cm):

Titrimiter: Height = 37 cm, Width = 28 cm, Length = 25 cm; Interface: Height = 21 cm, Width = 28 cm, Length = 31 cm


For measuring pH balance of a (possibly titrated) solution.


Titrimiter is in generally good condition, although it is possibly missing a stand that would hold its solution. Body exhibits some signs of wear.

Associated Instruments:

Manufacturer: Fisher Scientific Co, Made in USA.

Date of Manufacture: c. 1969


This artifact was part of a collection of electrical instruments (mostly brass electrometers and ballistic galvanometers) gathered by University of Toronto Professor of Physics Martin J.G. Lee (d. 2009). The collection was likely acquired from Dr. Lee’s office c. 2010 or 2011.

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