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Three Way Ball Valve

Jowlabar · Chemical Engineering

This is a square plastic box covered in pirate-themed stickers. Three grey spouts emerge at right angles from three faces of the box. These are screwed into place and can be removed by unscrewing. On a fourth side there is a metal connection attached to a silver-coloured tap covered in red plastic.

Accession Number: 2017.che.6

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials:

Plastic, Rubber, Metal: Copper Alloy, Iron Alloy


On the red handle: “aqua-dynamic”.

On the metal connection of the tap: “6 6 6 6 6 6”

Dimensions (cm): Height = 25, Width = 25, Length = 14.


This item was constructed by students in a chemical engineering class in order to demonstrate the design and construction of a three-way ball valve.


Excellent. This item appears to be in the condition it was when it was constructed.

Associated Instruments:

Manufacturer: Undergraduate Students in CHE324F

Date of Manufacture: c. 2010


This object was made by third-year undergraduate students in Professor Paul Jowlabar’s class CHE324F (Department of Chemical Engineering) in 2011 in order to demonstrate the design and construction of a 3-way ball valve. It was retained by Jowlabar following the class to act as a demonstration piece for future classes, and donated to the collection for the 2017 UTSIC Exhibit, “Untold Stories”.

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