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A brass telescope with a 3 stage extension. On one end of the telescope, there is a hole approximately 0.8cm in diameter and in the other end, there is a glass approximately 4cm in diameter. The eyepiece can be unscrewed to reveal the convex side of a glass lens underneath.

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Primary Materials: Metal: Copper Alloy, Glass


Dimensions (cm):

Length (Retracted) = 37, Length (extended) = 80, Diameter = 4.5


Telescopes use lenses to make distant objects seem close or to make detail invisible to the naked eye visible.


Good: The exterior tube of the telescope is dulled slightly; the inner tubes are less dulled, but both have sections of oxidization and corrosion where the enamel on the metal has worn. Finger prints are clearly visible, particularly on the surface of the innermost tube. Circular markings, like scratches or turn marks, appear around the circumference of the tubes at various intervals (these may be manufacturing marks). There is a splodge of silver material, possibly solder, on the outside of the smallest tube by the eyepiece. There is a dent in the larges tube about 3/8ths along its length, and the residue of a white paper sticker at one end of this tube. The tube does extend, although the smaller tube is very stiff.

The lenses seem dirty, but mainly intact. The glass at the objective end appears to be chipped on the inside edge.

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Date of Manufacture: 19th-Early 20th Century


University of Toronto Department of Physics

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