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Striking Reed Pipe (Koenig)

Koenig Acoustical · Physics

The pipe is a wooden rectangular prism with a square base. On one of the bases, there is a wooden mouthpiece which leads into the body of the pipe. The base at the other end is removable, attached to a brass reed aperture which sits inside the body of the pipe. Around this aperture three panels of glass, which show evidence of being held on with tape, are set into cut-away sections of the pipe body.

Accession Number:

Alternative Name: Beating Reed Pipe

Primary Materials: Wood, brass, glass.


On mouthpiece “172.” On base near the mouthpiece, “172.” On label on this base, “PHY 1-ii.” On the body of the pipe near the opposite base, “Rudolph Koenig a Paris”

Dimensions (cm): Height=32, Width=9.75, Length=9.75


This pipe was used to demonstrate the production of different timbres from a reed.


Fair: The box is in good condition, though the glass has detached from the body and one of the small glass panels appears to be missing. The reed and the reed fastener are also missing, and there is some minor chipping and scratching on the body of the pipe.

Associated Instruments:,,

Manufacturer: Rudoph Koenig

Date of Manufacture: late 19th century


University of Toronto Physics Department

Additional Information and References:

Patalony, David. Altered Sensations: Rudoph Koenig’s Accoustica;l Workshop in Nineteenth-Century Paris. Springer: New York, 2009. pp 258-259.

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