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Silver Leaf Electroscope


A large glass bulb is mounted on a turned wooden base via a metal attachment. On top of the bulb is another metal attachment from which a short metal bar extends vertically. The bar is capped with a horizontal metal disc 10 cm in diameter. An 8 cm arm with a small metal ball extends horizontally from underneath the disk. Inside the bulb, a metal bar hangs from the top with two leaves of silver on either side of a flat surface. The silver responds to an introduced charge from the metal ball atop the assembly.

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Primary Materials: Wood, Metal, Glass


The wooden base is engraved “W. Ladd, LONDON”. There are also numbers (unreadable) engraved in the wood. The metal piece that attaches the glass bulb to the wooden base is stamped “W. Ladd & Co.”.

Dimensions (cm): Height= 45, Diameter= 21.5


For Demonstrating the presence of electric charge.


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Manufacturer: W. Ladd & Co., London, England

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