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Signal Tracer


This device consists of a gray plastic box with a black handle and a grey electrical cord protruding from the back. On the front face of this box is a circular speaker. Above the speaker are two turning knobs one red and one black, both labelled “SPKR”. Below the speaker are two turning dials, one labelled 0-100 in increments of 10 and the other labelled “OFF ON”. Below these dials are two switches labelled “OFF ON”, one labelled “SPKR” and the other labelled “NOISE”. On the lowest part of this front surface are a light embedded in the box and three turning knobs. One of these knobs is red and labelled “CT”, while the other two are black and labelled “B+” and “P”.
There is a jack near the bottom into which the cord for a probe could be plugged. This metal probe is attached to a black cord which is separate from the main device.

Accession Number: 2016.zoo.38

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: Plastic, metal, rubber, cardboard


On the front surface: “Signal Tracer” “SPKR SPKR” “Model IT-12”.
On one dial, the numbers 0-100 in increments of 10 and “LEVEL”. On the second dial, “OFF ON”
On the switches, “OFF ON”. On one switch “SPKR”, on the other “NOISE”.
On the lower dials, “OUTPUT TRANSFORMER CT B+ P”. A logo near the bottom: “HEATHKIT”
On a label on the back surface of the box: “Department of Zoology 4 Physiology Laboratory”.
On the prongs of the electric plug: “15A 125V UL SA”.

Dimensions (cm): Length = 10.2, Width = 12, Height = 19


This device was used to troubleshoot radio circuitry by detecting the location of signal problems.


Generally good: The paint on the box is chipped.

Associated Instruments:

Manufacturer: Heath Company

Date of Manufacture: Circa 1962


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  • Donated to UTSIC