Set of 8 large demonstration tuning forks

Koenig Acoustical · Physics

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Two sets of large tuning forks on two separate bases, each with four slots for forks. Includes a separate single stand for the largest fork. Tuning forks have brass adjustments. includes tuning forks from 192 through 512. includes tuning forks from 512-1024. includes largest fork and single stand mount.

Primary Materials: Wood, Steel, Brass


Markings on one wooden stand (ph.712.1): SOL1-UT2., 192-256.V.S.; UT2-MI2., 256-320.; MI2-SOL2., 320-384.; SOL2-UT3., 384-512.

Markings on other wooden stand (ph.712.2): SOL2-UT5., 584-512.V.S.; UT3-MI3., 512-640.; MI3-SOL3., 640-768.; SOL3-UT4., 768-1024.

Dimensions (cm): 44


Minor wear and tear. Wooden bases are slightly chipped around the edges and forks are slightly oxidized in a few areas.

Additional Information and References:

Listed in David Pantalony’s “Altered Sensations” on p.126 as a set of eight large tuning forks that were for used for demonstrations in Toronto in 1882.