Reflecting Galvanometer


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The instrument consists of a black metal cylinder mounted vertically on a circular base with 3 height adjustable feet. On the bottom of the circular base there is a movable oval plastic attachment with labels “SENS.0041(“mu symbol”)A/mm”, “C.D.R.X.310(Ohm Symbol)”, “PERIOD5sec”, “RESIST24(Ohm Symbol)”. The base has two electrical terminals. Along the length of the cylinder there is a vertical glass window to which a meter attached to copper wires can be seen. On the top of the cylinder there is a brass knob with the following labels “Made in U.S.A”, “Zero Adjuster”, “Coil Clamp”.

Alternative Name: Type R

Primary Materials: Metal, Plastic, Glass


On the metal base there is a label “535283” with a etching “1568”. On the top of the cylinder there is a brass knob labelled “Made in U.S.A”.

Dimensions (cm): Height = 22, Diameter = 13


For precise measurements of electric current.


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Manufacturer: Leeds & Northrup Co. Philadelphia, PA.

Date of Manufacture: 20th Century?


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