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Proton Precession Magnetometer

Geophysics · Physics

A blue-painted box contains electrical field instrument and associated equipment. The console has a rectangular cross-section and is coloured in blue and black plastic. On either side, there are metal attachment points for the carrying strap (see below). On the upper face are an electrical display and two electrical jacks for attaching the electrical cables. A cylindrical detection unit. This is attached to the end of the aluminum staff. An aluminum staff composed of three parts that screw together. Three coiled cables used to attach the detector to the console. A fabric sling used to carry the console unit.

This artifact also includes:
7 x black stiff paper tubes (battery holders)

4 x documents:
– A Canadian Customs and Excise form dated May 15, 1985.
– A handwritten note on “Kidd Creek Minews Ltd stationary”.
– A Barrington Research warranty card.
– A Barrington Research packing slip.

Accession Number:

Alternative Name: GM122 Portable Magnetometer

Primary Materials: Metal, Plastic.

Markings: A metal tag on the lower face of the console contains the following information:
“Model GM 122”, “Serial 6735”

A piece of Mascagni tape attached to a side face reads as follows: “Jam 10 /94 // Frank – possible electrical short // – no power to unit// batteries were good // – no reading Jun / 96”

A masking tape label on one of the battery holders reads as follows: “This is a battery holder please remove batteries from instrument before shipping.”

Information in the included documents indicates that the instrument was sold to Falconbridge Nickel Mines (now part of Glencore Canada) in October of 1983.

Dimensions (cm):

Box: Height = 20.5, Width = 30, Length = 70.5.



Good: The case is sturdy but in cosmetically poor condition. It is wound in several places with deteriorating packing tape. The metal rivets and corners are rusting.

The console and detection unit are scuffed and marked on their surfaces.

Associated Instruments:


Barringer Research limited, Toronto, ON, Canada

Date of Manufacture: c. 1983


Additional Information and References:

Historical Notes:

Barringer Research was founded by the Anthony Barringer).

The company was subsequently purchased by Smiths Group, based in the UK, and re-named “Smiths Detection”.


  • Donated to UTSIC