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Prism Stand with Prism


A prism stand with a chipped, glass prism seated on it. The prism may be an isosceles, right-angle triangle. The prism can be rotated both about its axis and about the stand. The part of the stand that holds the prism arm can be revolved in a vertical plane around the hinge that connects it to the stand. The stand is extendable. No maker’s markings – there is no indication that the prism and the stand were produced and sold as a unit. A label is stuck on the base. A small piece of masking tape is wrapped around it.

Accession Number:

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: brass, glass


Old inventory number = phy121. “80” is written on the bottom of the stand. A label saying “RIGHT ANGLE” is stuck on the base.

Dimensions (cm):

Base: height = 39 with prism (but extendable), diameter = 11; Prism: height = 7, longest side = 7


Refraction of light demonstrations and optical experiments.


Good: The prism is slightly chipped, but overall in good condition.

Associated Instruments:


Date of Manufacture: Late 19th C.


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