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Pressure Gauge


A cylindrical brass casing has a round face covered in glass. The casing has a broader lip around the rear edge through which holes are punches, so the gauge may be attached to something. Visible through the glass is the face, which has a semi-circular scale graduated in 5s and labeled in 25s from 0 to 150. A needle at the centre of the scale is affixed by a pin. Another pin stops the needle from falling below zero. The scale is labelled “PRESSURE”.
At the base of the scale, the casing is attached to a brass tube three-way intersection via a screw connector. Directly straight beyond the intersection there is another screw connector. To one side there is an emerging tube that turns through a right angle and is attached to a long wooden handle, painted black.
The rear of the gauge has a circular piece inset inside the broad lip of the brass casing. This circular piece is silver in colour.

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Primary Materials:

Metal: Copper Alloy, Metal: Copper, Metal: Iron Alloy?, Glass, Wood


Printed on the face of the gauge: “REAVELL & CO LTD.,
“Lbs. pr. □ Inch”

Dimensions (cm): Height = 5, Width = 26.5, Length = 13

Function: To determine pressure


Very Good: The brass case of the gauge has enameled. In places, the enamel has come off and the metal has oxidized and darkened. This is especially the case around the place where the gauge is attached to the tube. The tube connector is also corroded, with turquoise deposits around the screw and connector. The tube appears to be copper, and is oxidized in places. The glass cover over the face is dirty, but intact. The face is in good condition.
The wooden handle attached to the tube was painted black. In places, the paint has chipped, revealing wooden underneath.
The rear of the instrument is slightly scratched.

Associated Instruments:

Manufacturer: Reavell & Co Ltd. Ipswich

Date of Manufacture: Early-Mid 20th Cent.

Provenance: Dr. Martin Lee’s Collection

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