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Pipe with moveable lip

Koenig Acoustical · Physics

This pipe is the mouth-piece of a wooden organ pipe. At the top of the pipe is a wooden spout where air can be blown into the instrument, either by an experimenter, or using apparatus such as a windchest. On the front panel of the pipe is an opening where air flows out of the instrument to produce sound. At the bottom of the pipe is a moveable lip, made of a thin slab of pine. This piece of wood can be moved to vary the opening of the pipe. By closing the gap, the pitch emitted by the pipe rises.

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Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: Wood (pine)

Markings: Side panel: “RUDOLPH KOENIG A PARIS”

Dimensions (cm):

(Height = 3.5, Width = 6.4, Length = 28.2


The pipe was used to investigate the means of producing sound.

Condition: Good.

Associated Instruments:

Manufacturer: Rudolph Koenig, Paris

Date of Manufacture: 1870s


University of Toronto Physics Department

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