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Pieces of apparatus related to aerodynamic demonstration


This consists of a selection of objects for the investigation of aerodynamic properties of different shapes. Most of the objects are attached to metal rods to enable them to be held by a stand in a wind tunnel. This includes: wing section models, balls and missile shapes, graduated curved sections and unidentified rotating pieces with a limited range of motion.

Accession Number: 2016.zoo.26.1-32

Alternative Name:

Assorted aerodynamic demonstration apparatus pieces

Primary Materials: Metal, Wood, Plastic

Markings: None.

Dimensions (cm): Variable.


These objects are designed for student investigation of aerodynamic properties. They would be used with a wind generator and attached to a stand and most likely a scale for measuring lift.


Good. These objects are in good condition.

Associated Instruments:

2016.zoo.21, 2016.zoo.22, 2016.zoo.24.1-2, 2016.zoo.25.1-2, 2016.zoo.27, 2016.zoo.28.1-2, 2016.zoo.30

Manufacturer: Mixed

Date of Manufacture:


These pieces were collected from the zoology department and appear–from the other objects they were collected with also related to aerodynamic investigation, to have been used as part of a Zoology course numbered ZOO220.

Additional Information and References:

Some of these objects were likely made at U of T. Others were likely purchased as part of a set of equipment for demonstrating aerodynamic properties.

Historical Notes: