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Pieces Associated with Optical Instruments

Unidentified · Astronomy

This is a small open cardboard box containing six small objects.

2018.ast.85.1 is a angled eyepiece with a eyecup at one end.

2018.ast.85.2 is a metal plate with two lenses affixed to it at either ends of a cylindrical shape. Part of the cylinder is glass itself.

2018.ast.85.3 is an unknown curved piece of brass with a leaf spring affixed to it.

2018.ast.85.4 is a square metal plate with a large hole cut in the centre.

2018.ast.85.5 is a paper envelope that contains a glass ring lined on the inside face with a brown surface.

2018.ast.85.6 is a glass tube open at both ends. One of these ends tapers to a very narrow diameter.

Accession Number: 2018.ast.85.1-6

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials:

Metal: Iron Alloy, Metal: Copper Alloy, Glass, Paper


Printed on the box: “FLASHLIGHT BATTERIES”

Stamped on the box: “C-12 206”

Dimensions (cm):

Box containing objects: Length = 10.3, Width = 9.7, Height = 9.5



Poor: Each of these objects is part of a larger piece of unknown apparatus. Each shows signs of wear. The metal of 2018.ast.85.1 is in good condition; however, the plastic or rubber eyecup has degraded in a bent position and has become rigid. The paint on 2018.ast.85.2 has been worn away from being slid in against another component. A residue coats the surface of the metal where it is in contact with the the glass. Both ends of 2018.ast.85.6 (the glass tube), have been broken off.

Associated Instruments:


Date of Manufacture: 1920s-1930s?


This object was likely moved from the David Dunlap Observatory in Richmond Hill in 2008, upon the sale of the observatory. It was stored at the Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics until 2017, when it was moved to a new storage location in McLennan Physical Laboratories.

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