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Photographic Plate Holder


The top of the slide has a lid which is secured by two turning stops. The inside of the lid has a metal prong. On the bottom side, the holder has a tray that slides out of the end on the opposite face to the door, revealing the inside of the holder. Along each side of the sliding door, there are two strips of racks as if to mesh with a gear.

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Primary Materials: Wood, Metal


On one of the narrow sides of the slide, scraped into the wood and inked: “QZ” [or “Q2”]

On another side, stamped and inked: “2”

Dimensions (cm): 14.5cm x 14.5cm x 1.5cm


Wet-plate photographic slide, designed to hold a glass photographic plate. Racks on each side allow it to be fitted to in an adjuster (see and adjusted a set amount between exposures.


Fair. The slide shows significant signs of use in the form of superficial scratches, dents, gouges and stains. The varnish surface is worn away in places. The leather handle is broken off at the base.

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University of Toronto Department of Physics

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