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Photographic plate


The top of the plate has a lid which is secured by two turning stops. The inside of the lid has a metal prong. The plate has a tray that slides out of the end of the bottom side of the plate. When the tray is slid out, the the inside of the plate is revealed.

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Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: Metal, Wood


Dimensions (cm):

Height = 1.5cm, length = 14.5cm, width = 14.5cm

Function: unknown


Good. The slide shows some signs of use. The surface of the slide is slightly worn and stained in places; on the rear it is slightly scratched from continued sliding against another surface. The metal components are partly discoloured and slightly corroded. Inside, the slide is stained black from photographic ink.

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Date of Manufacture:


University of Toronto Department of Physics

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  • Donated to UTSIC