Parallel Circuit of Six Light Bulbs


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Six light bulbs wired in parallel. The wooden base has 6 ceramic sockets with a light bulb mounted in each socket in 2 rows, 3 columns. Each socket is connected to a wire in parallel circuit. One end of the wire is connected to one of two metal terminals and the other end of the wire connected to a knife switch, then to the other metal terminal.

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Primary Materials: Metal, glass, ceramic, wood


Old inventory number – phy180. Several of the light bulbs are labeled “EDISON CARBON 32CP 120V”. One has a sticker which reads “114 C.G.E. 32”.

Dimensions (cm):

Height = 20.5, Width = 20, Length = 30.5


Demonstration of variations in luminosity (using light bulbs) with variations in load in a parallel circuit.


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