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Optical Pyrometer


An instrument formed out of attached metal tubes and other metal components. One cylindrical tube with a brass appearance at one end passes through a rectangular metal block with a ruler affixed to the top of the block. The tube that emerges through the brick appears to have a connector protrusion, and is open. At the other end of this brass tube, where it is slightly narrower, there is a cylindrical component with a disk-shaped piece fitted to this, like a collar around the tube. There is an eyepiece at this end.

A second tube, painted black and with a screw adjustment partway along, is attached right angle to centre of the first tube by a blocky metal section. A third tube is affixed at the other end of the second tube and perpendicular to both tubes. A forth tube sits atop the third tube, parallel to the first, and main tube. The fourth tube has various notches in its surfaces and in parts appears to be formed out of an inner and outer tube.

A fine chain attached to the third tube ends in a small metallic roughly rectangular piece with a circular cutout on one of its widest sides.

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Primary Materials:

Metal: Copper Alloy, Metal: Iron Alloy, Glass


Engraved with “Pyrometre Optique de Mr. Ch. Fery”, “61”, “Supplied by Cambridge Scientific Instrument Company Ltd. Cambridge, England”

Dimensions (cm): Height = 20, Width = 20, Length = 38


This is an optical device for measuring thermal radiation.


Good: The instrument is in overall good condition. Its brass-coloured tube appears to have been enameled; where this coating has worn or scratched off along its length, the metal is oxidized, and grey. Black painted components are in better condition, although also slightly corroded in places where the paint has worn off. Around screws there appear to be corrosion artifacts in the form of black splodges.

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Mr. Ch. Fery; Supplied by Cambridge Scientifc Instrument Company Ltd. Cambridge, England

Date of Manufacture: 1907-1919


Department of Physics, University of Toronto

Additional Information and References:

A pyrometer designed by Charles Féry was patented under a US patent in 1907, patent number US890895A.

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