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Model of Light Path (Goerz)


A black T-shaped metal rod is set into a pyramidal base. Supported on each arm of the ‘T’ is a series of rods, lenses and prisms, in which the rods indicate the path of a beam of light through the prisms and lenses. At the tip of the rods is a conical arrow head, and at the other end a ‘fletching-like’ end consisting of repeated cones. The rods pass through the same arrangement of lenses and prisms: a large round lens, two right-angle triangle prisms, and two smaller round lenses.

Accession Number:

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: Metal, Glass, Plastic


On the base: “C.P. GOERZ BERLIN”

On a label attached to the model: “PHY124” This refers to the object’s entry in the 1978 catalogue. On the reverse side of this label it reads: “BINOC. skeleton”.

Dimensions (cm):

height = 18cm, width = 12cm, length = 14cm


To illustrate the path of light through the lenses in a pair of a binoculars.


Good. One of the smallest lenses is missing. The convex lenses have damaged edges. The lenses are slightly discoloured.

Associated Instruments:

Manufacturer: C.P. Goerz, Berlin

Date of Manufacture: 1886-1926


Department of Physics, University of Toronto

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