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Moving Magnet Mirror Galvanometer (Leeds & Northrup)


This object is a rectangular wooden box with a flap-up lid. On the top of the box there is a metal label. On the front face of the box there is a rectangular window with faintly visible scale. Just below this, there is a small green plastic label that says “1”. Below this there are two small holes through the wooden case of the box; three similar holes are located on on the longer side of the box. Also on a longer side of the box there are four black knobs for connecting electrical wiring.

Inside the box there is a large horseshoe magnet mounted horizontally at a slant. Between the tines of the magnet, there is an assembly with a mirror visible behind a circular window. On top of this mirror just visible there is a coiled wire in a cylindrical container.

On the interior of the four knobs, there are four wires insulated in fabric running to different parts of the mechanism. Close to the rectangular window, there is a small circular lens mounted upright, with a wire bifurcating it.

Accession Number:

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: Wood, Iron Alloy, Plastic


Just below the mirror assembly: “CAT. NO. PI 102…” “COIL RES. 308”

Next to the black knobs: “6 VOLTS” “G.A.”

On the front of the box, on a green plastic label: “1”

On the metal label on top of the box: “LEEDS & NORTHRUP CO.”
“SERIAL NO. 345835” “CAT. NO. 2420-A”

Dimensions (cm): 21cm x 11cm x 13.2cm


Measurement of changes in electrical current.


Good. The exterior of the box is somewhat scuffed with small scrapes.The holes indicate possible modifications or removal of components.

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Manufacturer: Leeds & Northrup

Date of Manufacture: Mid-20th century


Department of Physics, University of Toronto

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