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Microwave generator


Grey metal apparatus attached to wooden base. The apparatus consists of a an angled horn connected through a rectangular metal tube to an open metal cylinder (a klystron). A dull, adjustable metal blade (a variable attenuator) is situated lengthwise in the center of the the rectangular metal tube, The entire apparatus is connected to the wooden base by two metal legs. A power cord is connected to the cylinder.

Accession Number:

Alternative Name: none

Primary Materials: metal, plastic


“Kylstro”? – wording has been worn away, best guess is Klystron, “UG-39/U 02706”, “CCBH UG-39/U”, taped to horn is a mathematical equation.

Dimensions (cm): 24x15x38

Function: The production of microwaves.


Good, some rust, scratches, paint chipping, horn has been re-saudered/welded into place.

Associated Instruments: none

Manufacturer: unknown

Date of Manufacture: unknown


University of Toronto Department of Physics.

Additional Information and References:

Historical Notes: none



  • Donated to UTSIC