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Microscope and case

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A petrographic polarizing microscope in its wooden storage case. Lid of case is inscribed with “University of Toronto 14”. There is a brass handle on one end of the case. The case is held closed by two brass latchhooks. The inner lid of the case is fitted with wooden projections, padded with felt, that prevent the components from being jostled when the case is closed and being moved.

The microscope is made of brass, with body and feet lacquered black. Four additional lenses are included. The stage of the microscope is inscribed with a dial for the purpose of measurement.

Accession Number:

Alternative Name: Polarizing microscope

Primary Materials: Brass, Lacquer, Glass, Iron, Wood, Felt


On body of microscope: “J Swift & Son London”
“University of Toronto”

On case: “University of Toronto 14”

On slip of paper inside case: “PHY1073”

Dimensions (cm):

Case: Height = 15.5, Length = 37.5, Width = 22; Microscope: Height = 34, Width = 15


This polarizing microscope is used to magnify and examine petrographic samples utilizing polarized light.


Good, some minor wear and tear, small scratches on box and wear of black lacquer on body of microscope. Wood of case is cracked at hinges, use care when displaying or opening.

Associated Instruments:

Manufacturer: J. Smith and Son

Date of Manufacture: Early 20th century, 1908 or later

Provenance: University of Toronto

Additional Information and References:

“Polarizing microscope, J.Swift and Son, London”. Virtual Museum of the History of Mineralogy, accessed February 3rd, 2015.

“J. Swift & Son, London, #14790. The Advanced Student’s Petrological Microscope, c. 1908.” Antique Microscopes, accessed February 3rd, 2015.

Historical Notes: Used for the study of mineralogy.


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