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Manometer Section from Wing Section Demonstration Model


This object consists of eight graduated glass tubes set in an acrylic base.

Accession Number: 2016.zoo.27

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: Glass, Plastic


Each of the vertical narrow glass tubes is graduated and marked with “DISPOSABLE”, “PYREX” and “TD 20°C”. Some other writing on these tubes is obscured by the acrylic and is unreadable.

Dimensions (cm): 25.5cm x 19cm x 2.5cm


This object forms the manometer part of a larger apparatus (such as 2016.zoo.24) for demonstrating air pressure around a wing section.


Good. The glass and acrylic is in good condition.

Associated Instruments:

2016.zoo.21, 2016.zoo.22, 2016.zoo.24.1-2, 2016.zoo.25.1-2, 2016.zoo.26.1-32, 2016.zoo.28.1-2, 2016.zoo.30


Date of Manufacture:


This object was likely made at U of T to mimick the similar instrument made by Philip Harris Ltd. It was collected from the zoology department and appears to have been used as part of a Zoology course numbered ZOO220.

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