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Light Bulb (Mounted)


This is a wooden base with an Edison Carbon 32CP bulb mounted in a ceramic socket. On either end of the ceramic socket is a wire. One of the wires is connected to a switch which then connects to a metal terminal on one end of the wooden base. The other wire directly connects to the second metal terminal on the other side of the wooden base.

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Primary Materials:

Metal: Copper, Metal: Copper Alloy, Wood, Glass, Ceramic


Printed on the top of the bulb: “EDISON CARBON 32CP”

Dimensions (cm): Height = 21, Length = 16, Width = 13


Likely a demonstration of a single circuit, to compare with other demonstration circuits.


Very Good: The wooden base is worn on the corners and has some damage marks on its upper surface, some of which have been varnished over. The bulb is intact but very dusty and dirty on the top. The wires were insulated with woven fabric, which is fraying at the at the ends, and covered with a black plastic or rubber coating, which is worn off along much of the length of the insulation. The copper of the switch is corroded in places, particularly on its upper surface. However, the Bakelite base and plastic handle or in good condition. The electrical contacts are slightly oxidized, but not corroded. The ceramic base is in good condition, although chipped slightly on its sharper edges.

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Locally made (Department of Physics, U of T)

Date of Manufacture: 1890s-1900s


University of Toronto Department of Physics

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