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Leitz Optical Microscope

Jowlabar · Chemical Engineering

This collection includes a microscope, its wooden box, and a number of additional components. This artefact consists of the following parts:

2017.che.48.1: A Bausch & Lomb optical microscope with a rotating bed and mechanical stage. The microscope is finished in black and polished steel. The head of the microscope is adjusted using coarse and fine focusing knobs on either side of the neck. The height of the condenser can be adjusted using a screw below the stage.

The rotating turret holds three objective lenses, all are from the Leitz brand. The shortest is labelled “3.5/0.10”, the next is labelled “10/0.25”, the last is labelled “FL 42:1; A 0,85”.

The eyepiece, also manufactured by Leitz, is labelled “K 30X”.

The microscope includes a large black and silver condenser, also manufactured by Leitz that, when mounted, blocks the microscope mirror.

2017.che.48.2: A small glass prism mounted on a hinged arm that attaches to the eyepiece tube of the microscope by means of a collar.

2017.che.48.3: A small back microscope light with with a blue lens labelled “SCOPELITE CLAY-ADAMS CO. N. Y.”

2017.che.48.4: Four empty black metal containers for objective lenses. These are labelled “1b Leitz Wetzlar”

2017.che.48.5: One brass coloured objective lens labelled “32 & 14mm”

2017.che.48.6: One black and silver eyepiece with a small hole at its centre. This is labelled “PO c.7”

2017.che.48.7: One microscope mirror.

2017.che.48.8: A set of four steel instruments, each consisting of a cap and stem joined by a hinge. These are labelled “TAYLOR/ BOSTON GEAR WORKS/ NORTH QUINCY, MASS/ CAT. T-4”

2017.che.48.9: One gold-painted circular metal container labelled “Standard DON’T Remove D.i.n.r.” This contains a glass lens-like artefact.

2017.che.48.10: One machined metal piece with a circular hole at the centre. A knurled knob attached to a worm gear is meant to rotate a circular element, which is missing.

2017.che.48.11: A small brass component of with two knurled knobs.

2017.che.48.12: A wooden case with a leather handle and a locking door.

Accession Number: 2017.che.48

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: Metal, Glass


Writing on the top of the wooden box says “Paul’s”.

Writing on the door of the wooden case says “OF NO USE”.

Serial number on the neck of the microscope: “286211”.

Dimensions (cm):

Wooden Case (2017.che.48.12): Height = 47, Width = 26, Length = 24; Microscope (2017.che.48.1) Height = 32, Width = 15, Length = 20;


For observing microscopic objects using visible light.


Good: The finish on the microscope has minor abrasions. The wooden case has various nicks and dents, and the leather handle is deteriorated.

Associated Instruments:


Bausch & Lomb Optical Co. (microscope and case)

Date of Manufacture: c. 1928


This microscope is part of a collection of artefacts collected by Professor Paul Jowlabar of the Department of Chemical Engineering. It was donated in December of 2017.

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Historical Notes:


  • Donated to UTSIC