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Laser Target Vacuum Chamber


An iron metal cylindrical chamber with a rectangular base. The Chamber has a removable lid that is affixed with six knurled nuts. At the centre of the lid is a small (~3 cm diameter) window. Visible within the chamber is a machined aluminum sample holder.

Protruding from one end of the chamber is a metal hose ending in a coupling nut. This is used to attach the chamber to a vacuum system and mass spectrometer.

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Primary Materials: Iron alloy, aluminum, glass


Dimensions (cm):

Chamber: Height = 7.7, Width = 8.6, Length = 15.2; Flexible tube is an additional 55 cm long.


This chamber was part of the laser-heated rare gas mass spectrometer. It held a number of mineral samples in a machined aluminum disk. The samples were heated individually to release the entrained gas. The chamber was under vacuum. The gas released from the sample was drawn through a mass spectrometer for analysis.


Very good. The sample chamber has minor corrosion on several outside surfaces.

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University of Toronto Department of Physics machine shop.

Date of Manufacture: c. 1990s


This artefact was acquired by the UTSIC collection in the summer of 2015, from the decommissioned lab of Prof. Derek York (1936-2007), a geophysicist at the University of Toronto.

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