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Intake Strainer

Jowlabar · Chemical Engineering

This object consists of two halves, one of which is roughly conical, the other which is cylindrical. Each of these halves is punched all over with round holes 0.5cm in diameter. The two halves are connected by a metal ring out of which two short rods emerge opposite of each other. This ring allows the two halves to be unscrewed and separated.

Accession Number: 2017.che.10

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: Metal


Dimensions (cm): Length = 21, Diameter = 6.


To strain large impurities out of a liquid.


Very Good: The surface of the metal is corroded in places.

Associated Instruments: 2017.che.11

Manufacturer: Unknown

Date of Manufacture:


This objects was donated in the fall of 2017 by Chemical Engineering Professor Paul Jowlabar, among a number of other items. It was likely used at the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Toronto.

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