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TH=his is a grey metal case containing a clock-driven rotating drum in an enclosed chamber. In an adjacent section there is a bi-metal strip for measuring temperature and a (horse?) hair bundle for measuring humidity. Each substance actuates a separate recording arm that records temperature and humidity data, respectively, onto a chart clipped to the rotating drum. The drum can be set to rotate either daily or weekly. This device has a temperature chart attached to the drum. The pen is missing from the humidity recording arm.

Accession Number:

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: Metal, Glass, Paper, Hair (horse?)


The front of the unit has a metal manufacturer’s label reading “Ser. No. 4466; Model 594; Part No. AW – 500054.; Friez Instrument Division, Bendix Aviation Corporation; Baltimore; Maryland”. “Plant Pathology C. E. C. 1” is written in red embossed tape (from a label-maker) on the front of the instrument. Information for purchasing supplies is provided on a metal tag fixed to the floor of the instrument.

The bottom of the recording drum (?) is stamped “FRIEZ INSTRUMENT DIVISION; BENDIX AVIATION CORPORATION; BALTIMORE MD USA.” There is also a red ink stamp that is too blurred to read.

Cardboard Chart: “MS Chart No. 87”; Marked in pencil from “Mon. Feb. 13 / 16 to Sun. Feb. 19 / 67”. Also marked “C. E. C. #1”.

Dimensions (cm):

Height = 21.5, Width = 14.3, Length = 30.6


Measurement and recording of temperature and humidity. Used in plant pathology.


Good: Some corrosion on metal surfaces. Some hairs are worn or unattached. The clockwork in the rotating cylinder no longer winds.

Associated Instruments:


Friez Instrument Division, Bendix Aviation Corporation, Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

Date of Manufacture: c. 1940-60


Acquired from Botany in 2004 with the assistance of Keioko Yoshioka. Last recorded date on attached chart on drum is Feb. 1967.

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